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Private donation

You are more than welcome to donate to PulpVox. Even if making these pulp fiction stories are inexpensive it still cost time and money for editing, cover art and marketing.

Click the adjacent image to donate as much as you think this project is worth.

Corporate sponsorship

The PulpVox stories can be produced thanks to our sponsors.

If you wish to sponsor a production please contact us on pulpvox@yabot.se or use the form below.

Introductory offer: 50 % off!

The following options are available when sponsoring a story:


Up to 15 seconds. Message presented before the story. € 60


Up to 15 seconds. Message presented after the main story but before the closing credits. € 40


Up to 30 seconds. Message presented between two chapters in the story. Only available for stories longer than 20 minutes. € 100

Text / Link

All sponsors of a story will be presented with name, tag line and a link in the story’s description.

Get all three spots in a story and get 20 % discount.

The sponsored message will stay in the story indefinitely and our stories are public for at least 90 days, usually for ever.

Sponsor the whole catalog

You can also sponsor the whole catalog of stories per month. This include both old and new stories.


Up to 15 seconds presented before every story. € 400/calendar month.


Up to 15 seconds presented after every story. € 200/calendar month.

    Contact us to sponsor an upcoming story:

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