Duke Tremayne, world adventurer, was tall, slim, darkly mustached, handsome in a ruthless way; and many women looked on him with favor. But Arline hated him, with as good reason as she feared him. She was in a tight spot and he had followed her to Shanghai to use her.

Arline was thrust roughly out into a narrow alley, her breasts almost bare, her dress ripped to shreds.

“Take off that dress!” Tremayne’s suavity was gone; he was like a madman. “You failed, after all my planning! All right! I’ll have a little profit out of you!”  Already in shreds, the garment ripped easily in his grasp, baring a white breast which quivered under his gaze.

Music by Steve Oxen (www.fesliyanstudios.com). Cover by Mats Ingelborn (Yabot AB) with illustrations by Elias Chatzoudis (shutterstock.com) and freepik.com.

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