“Say, Mr. Caution, don’t ya think I got swell legs? I just asked that big punk Gettzler for a raise an’ he says I’m goin’ bowlegged. I reckon he’s a lousy liar. What do you think?”

Sadie has got the swellest legs in Chicago, an’ when she does her act at the theatre, hard-boiled guys rush off home just outa sheer nervous energy. She has also got sex appeal plus, but no brains. From the neck up she is as dead as a piece of frozen Eskimo. 

This is a classic short story featuring Peter Cheyney’s popular detective Lemmy Caution.

Music by David Fesliyan (www.fesliyanstudios.com). Cover by Mats Ingelborn (Yabot AB) with illustration by Jahanzeb.

This story is sponsored by Calzessa.com – “Get swell looking legs”.